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I served as Adweek’s Director of Audience Engagement for three years (Jan. 2020-Jan. 2023), in a role that allowed me to grow the publication’s social audiences dramatically, launching Adweek’s TikTok account and growing it from 2,000 to 120,000 followers within six months. Additionally, I…

Etymology Books and Content






Writer’s Digest

I served as content strategist and digital content director for Writer’s Digest from 2017 to early 2019, and I have written a great deal of additional articles and posts for the site since then.

Magazine Features

  • “101 Best Websites for Writers,” 2019
  • “The WD Interview: Cassandra Clare,” 2019
  • “Mastering High Concept,” September 2019

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Columns & Tidbits

  • Breaking In
  • Back Page Puzzles & Features

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Writer’s Digest 2020 Daily Calendar

I created 52 writing-themed word puzzles and games for the 2020 Writer’s Digest page-a-day calendar.

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Writing Prompts

Online Editorial Articles

Content Marketing


In October 2019, I served as managing editor on a unique social media project for the Scotts company, curating 24 stories released on the Twitter accounts of eight horror authors with the hashtag #ScaryStories throughout the month of October. The stories each generated thousands of likes and retweets, with one topping 60K and generating widespread press coverage. I also contributed three fictional horror stories to the project myself.

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MM&M Magazine

I wrote four profiles of medical marketing agencies for the 2019 Agency 100 feature in MM&M magazine.


In early 2018, I revamped, rewrote and optimized more than 150 evergreen articles on ResumeHelp.com.

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HOW Magazine

I served as online content director of HOWdesign.com from 2014 to 2017, and as Editor-in-Chief of HOW‘s print magazine from 2016–2017, during which time I produced hundreds of online articles and five issues of the print magazine.

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PRINT Magazine

I served as online content director of PRINT magazine from 2014–2017, during which time I produced hundreds of online articles and contributed to the print magazine.