Editing & Writing Portfolio

Writer’s Digest

I served as content strategist and digital content director for Writer’s Digest from 2017 to early 2019, and I have written a great deal of additional articles and posts for the site since then.

Magazine Features

  • “101 Best Websites for Writers,” 2019
  • “The WD Interview: Cassandra Clare,” 2019
  • “Mastering High Concept,” September 2019

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Columns & Tidbits

  • Breaking In
  • Back Page Puzzles & Features

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Writer’s Digest 2020 Daily Calendar

I created 52 writing-themed word puzzles and games for the 2020 Writer’s Digest page-a-day calendar.

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Writing Prompts

Online Editorial Articles

Content Marketing


In October 2019, I served as managing editor on a unique social media project for the Scotts company, curating 24 stories released on the Twitter accounts of eight horror authors with the hashtag #ScaryStories throughout the month of October. The stories each generated thousands of likes and retweets, with one topping 60K and generating widespread press coverage. I also contributed three fictional horror stories to the project myself.

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MM&M Magazine

I wrote four profiles of medical marketing agencies for the 2019 Agency 100 feature in MM&M magazine.


In early 2018, I revamped, rewrote and optimized more than 150 evergreen articles on ResumeHelp.com.

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HOW Magazine

I served as online content director of HOWdesign.com from 2014 to 2017, and as Editor-in-Chief of HOW‘s print magazine from 2016–2017, during which time I produced hundreds of online articles and five issues of the print magazine.

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PRINT Magazine

I served as online content director of PRINT magazine from 2014–2017, during which time I produced hundreds of online articles and contributed to the print magazine.